Towards the ending of the month of January 2018, there will be new Screen Setup fees that you should keep in mind for your next project. Throughout the year of 2017 and after working with hundreds of companies like yourself, we’ve received feedback and want to always improve the quality of our printing.

In 2017, when you placed a Screen Printing order, we have what we call Screen Setups. That allows us to create a new screen for your new artwork. A Screen MUST be done for EVERY order, regardless. To save cost on your end, we would hold that SCREEN for up to a year, until a possible re-order. Our purpose was to keep costs lower for you and turn orders around quickly. With this method, for a screen to be sitting and possibly never re-ordered, the screen would collect dust. When dust would get involved, there is a chance of not having the full capabilities of an ensured quality job. Now yes, there are chemicals we used before any ink touched the screens. With these chemicals, it would allow us to clean up as much dust as possible.

As we have printed hundreds and thousands of orders in the year of 2017, we’re always looking for better improvements for better results. At the end of the day, we all know what we want, QUALITY work. Regardless what the end price tag is. . . . right?

For the new pricing and setup, here is the information needed:
1. First initial Screen Setup WILL REMAIN $25/each (per color)
2. Re-orders Under 300 pieces – Screen Setup will increase to $10/each (per color)
3. Re-orders OVER 300 pieces – Screen Setup will be waived. 

So you may ask yourself, “Why do I need to pay for another Screen Setup fee on my Re-Order?”

To ensure that you received the highest QUALITY of prints, we re-expose Screens every time we run a job. This allows to ensure crisp and clean edges and that would result in a great final print project. We just want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.


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