Final Details You Should Consider For Your Clothing Brand

How can I elevate my clothing brands image?

Are you a clothing brand owner and you're looking to elevate your brand's image? If you answered yes, these are some finishes you should consider. Small finishes like sewing on woven labels, adding a custom hang tag and personalizing your neck tag, will give a bigger impression to your consumers. We've managed to help clothing brands, like yours, build their image by adding these finishes. These are great ways that are cost effective but they give your brand an official look.

So to start off, these are all finishes that can be added, you don't have to do them all but the more you add, the bigger the impression.

Woven Labels

Starting off with woven labels, as you may know, these usually tend to be sewn at the bottom hem of shirts, sleeves or even at times used as a neck tag label, that contain garment information and washing instructions. Woven labels can be fully customized in different shapes, sizes, and colors. When a consumer sees a shirt that has these small details, it usually means something serious and it also makes your brand different from others in the start-up community. So when you go to PacSun, Zumiez, or Tillys, you see bigger brands like TheHundreds, Volcom, LRG Clothing or Vans, have these small details.

Custom Hang Tags

Another finishing that is great to add to your final garments, that is simple but can be very effective, is custom hang tags. You normally see these in retail stores attached to the garments but even though you're an online e-commerce clothing brand, that doesn't mean you don't need to have it. Custom hang tags normally are custom printed with your logo in the front, along with your social media and a brief explanation of your brand. Or, if you want to take things up a notch, your custom hang tags can also be a sticker.

Personalized Neck Tags

The final finishing that is highly used and seen throughout many brands in the industry is personalizing your neck tag. Your neck tag normally has your logo, garment size, website, and any washing instructions. Just by simply having this neck tag print, it can really elevate your brand into something official. Obviously, when considering custom neck tags to be printed, you want to make sure that the garment you plan on using, has a tearaway neck label. That allows us printers to remove the original tag cleanly and easily to get your personalized neck tag printed.



In conclusion, any of these three finishes will help your brands image in the long run. Now, yes, there is always a cost to getting these produced or adding them to your order, but best believe that extra cost will help your brands image. So next time you place your new order of garments, ask your printer if they offer these finishes.

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