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To answer that in a simple form, both.
Here’s why both:
First of all, who doesn’t love stickers? In my entire life, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like them. People LOVE stickers. So if you aren’t doing any yet, even if it’s a simple one with your brand logo, you’re passing up on a HUGE opportunity.
Take advantage of stickers to build brand awareness in your community. Not only are they inexpensive but they give you 100% creative freedom to create what you want and how you want them.
Now, there are MANY ways you can go about building brand awareness with the help of stickers for your brand. A few ways but not limited to are, including 2-3 stickers in your online orders, host giveaways online and create limited edition stickers packs that you can sell.
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Give some stickers away, they are very inexpensive, especially when you order in bigger quantities. They only get cheaper per piece as the quantity goes up. At the end of the day, you write it off as a marketing expense for your business. Think about it. . .
You order something online from your favorite online shop, stickers are something you least expect and they add 2-3 stickers, what’s your reaction? “Awesome!” “Dope” “Hell yeah!”. And what do you do next?
You are most likely to stick them onto your laptop, vehicle, skateboard, books etc. You’re given a “WOW” factor by just a simple free sticker(s).
We did say you can sell them. You can sell them in sticker packs, which usually have a combination of 2-4 different designs and 2 stickers of each design. It doesn’t have to be like that but you get the point. To build the value of the sticker pack, make those stickers limited and exclusive. The same thing though, they are inexpensive to create and help build some income and brand awareness.
In conclusion, whether you agree that stickers should be free or sold, stickers are a must have for any kind of brand. They help you spread awareness, easy to market to the masses in your community and a great way to express your creativity.

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