Full-Color Printing and NO Setup Fees


Vibrant Color Printing

Direct To Garment Printing, also known as DTG Printing, gives you the ability to achieve full-color vibrant printing on most colored garments.

Benefits of DTG Printing?

Average turnaround time for DTG Printing is 5-7 business days after final virtual approval.

We Can Print On Light Colored Garments Dark Colored Garments T-Shirts Hoodies Tank Tops 100% Cotton 50/50 Blends

DTG or Screen Printing you Ask?

DTG Printing is a service we recommend when your artwork has a high amount of colors in the range of 12+ colors, while doing less than 23-35 shirts. As our DTG Printing service, there is no setup fees, you’re able to produce unlimited color garments for a reasonable price.

Once you’re dealing with high quantity of garments such as 36+ shirts and dealing with artwork with multiple colors, Screen Printing may be an option to consider.

Ready To Get Started?

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DTG Printing Common Questions

That is one option we allow. Although, the garments (t-shirts or hoodies for example), must be new. Please get in contact before getting a hold of t-shirts, to ensure they can be printed.

Unfortunately, we can not. We’re only able to print on common locations such as the front and back.