We’re one of the only companies to actually offer one of the LOWEST minimums for a majority of our services, especially for services like Screen Printing and Embroidery. Our minimums will remain the same along with some requirements and other minimums will increase. See below for more information.


In order to qualify for our 12 piece minimum, SABIO MUST be providing the garments. With that requirement, you’ll be able to print as low as 12 pieces per color-way/design/style.

We do allow our customers to provide their OWN garments (Must be clean, unwashed and must meet our standards for quality) but minimums will increase to 24 pieces. Due to different variables that comes to screen printing, we had to increase our minimum.

If you’re still looking into getting them under 24 pieces and want to provide your OWN garments, we can do that, however, there is a $200 order minimum, regardless.


Within the 24 piece minimum for Screen Printing and Embroidery,  there MUST be a 12 piece minimum per color-way/design/style. NO EXCEPTIONS.

So for example, if you have Design #1 and have 24 pieces, you can do TWO(2) color-ways for the artwork. (12/12) You can NOT do 6/6/6/6 or 6/6/12 etc. Price will INCREASE higher if that is the case. For further information and questions, please contact us.


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