What is water-based and discharge printing?

Why should I consider printing in water-based or discharge?
Printing your designs on garments in water-based or discharge will give your final product a much smoother finish.
You may be wondering, what's water-based printing?

Water-based printing is a special ink that gets absorbed by the fabric, rather than sitting on top like plastisol ink. So when the final product is complete, it feels like nothing is there! It's soft and breathable. That is what makes water-based ink special and different.

Can water-based ink be used on dark garments?

Yes! Discharge ink is used when printing on dark garments. It's still water-based, but it contains a few more pigments that allow it to be on dark garments. It will still have the same super soft and lightweight finishing. With Discharge ink, we still need to lay down an under-base, that would allow your colors to sit on and "pop". If you're going for that vintage/faded look, we can print onto the garment to achieve that result.

Can you use my Pantone Color in water-based ink?
Of course! Now there are a few things to consider when using a Pantone Color. With water-based ink, the exact Pantone Color won't be matched like plastisol ink. The reason why the color match isn't as accurate is due to garment dyes, tightness of fabric and amount of ink deposited. We, of course, do our best to make sure we get as close as possible to the requested color. If it's required that you need that specific color, we may suggest a different printing style.
We hope you consider printing water-based ink on your next project. You won't be disappointed!